The money raised by the hard work of members, as well as their families and friends, involved in setting up and running the scurries at the EAGF has enabled the Club to upgrade the stock of equipment available for training, GWT and demonstrations.

The photographs show the equipment displayed at a recent training evening. In addition to replacing worn standard canvas dummies there are now a range of shaped, weighted and fur and feather covered dummies.

Perhaps the most significant improvement to training equipment is the acquisition of a DT Systems remotely controlled Natural Flush Bird Launcher System. This system, currently comprising four separate launchers, greatly enhances the sit to flush training of retrievers and spaniels. The initial purchase provides two launchers of pheasant/duck size and two of partridge size, this can be split into two outfits for training classes (spaniels/retrievers) or combined for use in GWT or demonstrations; additional launchers could be added in future, all controlled from a single remote or split into sets controlled by their own remote.

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